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Routine treatments offered by Eastleigh Podiarty Clinic

Routine Treatments

Nail cutting:

Uncut nails can cause pain and are prone to snagging and snapping when not dealt with properly. Cutting nails incorrectly can also lead to complications including ingrowing nails or damage to the area at the distal part of the nail plate (hyponychium).  With the use of professional nail nippers, Blake is able to assist individuals who are no longer able reach down to cut their nails, or whose nails are too thick to cut with standard scissors/nippers.

Nail Nippers EPC

Reduction of nail thickness:

There are a number of factors that can lead to thickened nails (onychauxis).  These include, but are not limited to; general aging, psoriatic nails, trauma, tight footwear and fungal infection. Most common treatment involves using a nail drill burr to reduce the nail’s thickness (see below).

In the treatment of fungal infections, it is essential that the nails are reduced sufficiently before applying antifungal cream/lacquer as otherwise complete penetration of nail plate will not be achieved, making it ineffective.

Nial reduction  offered by Eastleigh Podiarty Clinic
Routine treatments offered by Eastleigh Podiarty Clinic- nail reduction



Callus (hard skin) debridement:

Areas of callus can be caused by a great variety of things including; rubbing (e.g. tight shoes), excessive pressure areas (e.g. planter flexed metatarsals) or aging (atrophy of fat pads and thinning of skin).  These areas of callus can become extremely uncomfortable, often causing pain.  At the clinic these areas of callus can be reduced effectively with the use of a scalpel and diamond deb file.

Callus -Routine treatments offered by Eastleigh Podiarty Clinic


Corn enucleation/removal:

Corns are caused by friction or pressure over bony prominences (e.g. joint), and have a central core which can become very painful if there is nerve involvement. There are five types of corns including Hard (most common), Soft, Seed, Vascular and Fibrous. To limit chance of infection it is advisable not to attempt to remove any corns yourself, especially if are elderly or diabetic as healing time is prolonged. Depending on the type and proximity of the corn/s involved, Blake is able to offer many corrective measures that will aid long-term relief.

Corn enucleation/removal


Corn enucleation/removal eastleigh podarty clinic

Hard, Soft, Seed

Corn enucleation/removal eastleigh podiarty clinic


Verrucae therapy:

Verrucae are caused by the human papilloma virus and are often referred to as planter warts.  Their appearance can vary from a singular to multiple lesions (mosaic) on your feet (see below). They are generally harmless and spread between individuals in communal areas such as swimming pools, however, they can be painful at times. Many people feel that are aesthetically ugly so wish to eradicate them whether pain is present or not. Blake can offer a variety of verrucae therapies including; cryotherapy, salicylic acid (60%) and debridement. He can also offer advice on how to boost your immune system, which is another vital step needed to fight off the virus.

Multiple Verrucae

Multiple Verrucae (Mosaic)

Verrucae Therapy single

Single Verrucaea

Vascular assessment:

Accurate clinical assessment with the use of a dopplar can detect the efficiency of a persons vascular supply , and whether it may be compromised. This could be crucial for  early detection or conditions such as ischamia or  PVD (peripheral vascular disease). It can indicate whether a persons pulse is monophasic, biphasic or triphasic.

Dopplar vascular


Routine treatments offered by Eastleigh Podiarty Clinic
Nial reduction  offered by Eastleigh Podiarty Clinic
Routine treatments offered by Eastleigh Podiarty Clinic- nail reduction
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